my name is

Paulina Kulikowska

and I am the Inner Awakening Guide.

My name is Paulina Kulikowska and I have been working with Inner Awakening for over 13 years.

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, I am a certified Yoga teacher (200hr Kundalini, 500hr Multistyle accredited by Yoga Alliance, 100hr Yin&Aerial, and 85hr Pre and Post-Natal) and a SPA&Wellness therapist.

My work is immersed in working with the Soul Potentials. This level of work is my passion and my calling, which means it shapes in a great way who I am in the world 🙂 Although I am here in the role of Teacher and Therapist, I am constantly learning and going through different therapies myself, on the premise that a good Teacher and Therapist does not stop in their development process. This helps to maintain a healthy humility, an open mind and heart.

I discovered my gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience very early on, but I managed to recognize it only after a serious illness at the age of 19. Since then I haven’t parted with it for a moment 🙂

Thanks to this, it has developed into a deep channeling of Soul records enabling the activation of the deepest and highest potentials of my Mentees.

Privately, I love creating: writing, singing and expressing myself through movement – whether in the form of dance or yoga. I find inspiration for my creativity in conscious travelling – both inside and outside. I feel that each journey brings me closer to the truth about myself, helping me to look at greater understanding and compassion at different parts of myself.
My whole life is oriented around broadly understood consciousness/spirituality and building relationships with love, awareness and compassion. This helps in realizing the gift of equality in every area of life. One of my core values is integrity, which means that practicing what I teach is very important to me.

I have been doing developmental work with people for over 13 years. I am passionate about living life to the fullest, bringing out creativity and sharing positive vibes with others. I work both in groups and individually.

I run embodiment workshops where we consciously work with sexual energy to support the individual development of each participant. I use a whole spectrum of tools for this purpose, including kundalini, yoga, meditation, constellations, IFS or work with power plants.

I created Healing Institute – a school integrating various techniques of working with the body, emotions and consciousness. Its aim is the most holistic and comprehensive way of awakening, extracting and expanding the potential of the people I work with. Within the Healing Institute I train therapists and supervise their sessions.

I have conducted hundreds of workshops, yoga and meditation sessions for over 4600 people in Poland and abroad. I have taught in Japan, Indonesia (Bali), India, UK, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and Czech Republic.

The count of my counseling (1-on-1) work is in thousands. My experience has shown me that there is no single, universal method that can be applied to every person. That is why I use various tools and insights to bring out the creative potentials and assist in expanding the consciousness of my clients.

Currently, as part of my 1-on-1 work, I am conducting Readings from the Akasha Chronicles. Due to the large number of applicants and limited time resources, I am only guiding people interested in long-term cooperation and a joint development process within Awakening Blossom Coaching.

If you are interested in therapy sessions conducted by my team under my supervision, please contact me through the Healing Institute.

I share my work on Youtube, Blog and Workshops. Additionally, on Spotify is is my album with Meditations of Power, which teach energy work and balance the mental-energetic systems in the body. I post all my news on Facebook and Instagram. I invite you to follow and participate in the wonderful Process of Self Discovery.

I am very grateful to my Masters and Teachers who have helped me open my heart and embody the Truth, including Guru Samarpan, Matt Kahn, Mooji, Arjuna&Chameli Ardagh, Yogi Bhajan, Redtail Hawk, Guru Atman and others.

with love <3

In addition, I have participated in numerous training and development workshops:


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