energy records

Akasha Chronicle

The Akasha Chronicles are energetic records containing every thought, experience, emotion and interaction your Soul has ever had. They are an amazing tool that can help you understand and connect with what is happening in your life, how your past experiences and beliefs are affecting your life and what you can begin to change, unlock and heal to move forward.

everything happens for something

Do you know why you are here?


You've come to the right place 🙂

What will reading the Akasha records do for you?

What does it look like?

Before the session, I recommend writing down:
– any questions;
– concerns about things coming up in your life;
– areas where you want to gain insight and clarity.

Or for a really powerful experience – we can open your annals and let what matters most to you reveal itself now.

depending on how you want and can work

There are several possibilities of reading

Personal reading

Is an approximately 60-minute session on Zoom that is recorded. So that you can go back to the Akasha information at any time.

Pack of 3 personal readings

Dedicated to those who wish to undergo a spiritual growth process and resolve deeper karmic issues. Sessions to be used within 5 months of the first session.

Akashic Blossom Coaching

A holistic coaching programme with energy healing and learning to work with your own energy potential.

Written reading

This is a written form/report that I prepare for you within a few days of your order. I include in it answers to all the questions you send me before the session.

What can you expect from the session?

Every insight into your soul space is tantamount to establishing a deeper connection with yourself – with your desires and dreams.
A deeper connection with yourself is also a major shift in your state of consciousness, which is followed by changes in your life. It is a New Direction that fosters the recovery of creativity, harmony and inner peace.

You are warmly invited to join us on our journey towards freedom.