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Akashic Blossom Coaching

Imagine your life a year from now…
Akashic Blossom Coaching aims to help you transform your life and start living in harmony with yourself.
It’s a life where you don’t hide parts of yourself, you don’t downplay your gifts, you don’t condition your worth by other people’s expectations and perceptions of you.
It is about first learning to truly love and accept yourself and bringing a sense of wholeness into your life. This means allowing your energy potential to become your direct experience.
When you do this, your outer world becomes a direct reflection of you and you discover deeper, more meaningful and loving relationships, friendships and connections and much more joy, happiness and peace. You are able to create your prosperity in alignment with your soul.

Your Benefits

What will you achieve?

Love and acceptance of self

Finally, once and for all, discover how to truly and unconditionally love, accept, trust and appreciate who you are.
Know and feel the deep value and worth of who you are o once your contribution to the world. Develop a relationship with yourself that inspires those around you and allows you to be a light for others.

More peace and joy

Create inner changes that allow you to live a more peaceful, joyful and free life - no matter what your external circumstances. Live a life that has far less mental tension, fear and doubt - and far more clarity, certainty and ease. With a sense of fulfilment that comes from deep within.

Deeper connections and relationships

Discover and experience deeper, more intimate and heart-centred connections, friendships, relationships and partnerships. You will first understand what needs to be healed, nurtured and loved within yourself.
This process opens the way to deep self-love and authentic connection with yourself and others.

Make friends with fear

Discover all the masks that fear wears and why it appears at all. You will come face to face with it and find out why it holds you back from pursuing what you want. Then take his hand, become his best friend and together create a magical transformation of your reality.

No doubts and less fears

Free yourself from the doubts, worries and anxieties that block the joy of living. Learn how to clear, heal and integrate past experiences so they don't get in the way of living life to the full and being who you really are.

Live authentically

Learn how to stop hiding who you really are, how to show up as the spiritual, crazy, different, weird, eccentric, alternative and AWESOME being you really are. Share your unique gifts with the world every day with courage, strength and confidence.


How does it work?

We start with an initial conversation and vision shaping. This conversation allows us to create a ‘map’ of your coaching programme. We will identify the path you are taking and the exact areas we need to focus on to get there. For 12 months we will meet every 4-5 weeks for a 60-minute session.

During this time we will get to the root of the unconscious and subconscious beliefs, patterns and fears that are holding you back. We will work to clearly and deeply understand everything that comes up, revealing the deeper meaning, hidden lessons and teachings that they bring for you.

In this process you will connect with the deepest part of yourself, your soul, which will empower and guide you towards the decisions and choices that are right for you. Step by step we will co-create a programme to help you integrate this wisdom and awareness into your life and create the massive changes you desire.

Between sessions you will receive additional tools, resources, videos, guides and tips to help accelerate and support the work you are doing and the life you are stepping into.

WHAT makes

Akashic Blossom Coaching so unique?

Cochaing with the soul

Akashic Blossom Coaching combines my years of experience in Holistic Therapy, Yoga and Meditation with Akashic Record Reading. This powerful combination helps facilitate the deepest level of transformation, growth and change. Akashic Records allow you to get to the truth or root of patterns and beliefs that are blocking you, and we can bring this powerful information into your coaching session to make the most of every minute of our time together

A real transformation

More than just setting goals and then gathering the willpower and motivation to achieve those goals. It’s a journey of inner exploration that uncovers why it’s been so difficult to make changes in the past, what deep-seated beliefs are hindering you from being yourself, and what’s really holding you back from changing. Akashic Blossom Coaching allows you to do the deepest layer of work needed to pave the way for the real you.

Tailored for you

Your path is unique. Akashic Blossom is different in that we will tailor the content and structure of the programme to your individual and specific needs, focus, fears, blocks and life experiences. The work we do together comes from deep within you and this will be our guide to which we will tailor each step of the journey.

Akashic Blossom Coaching is a deeply transformative experience and is not suitable for everyone. I am committed to your growth and discovering what is truly possible for you. I want to ensure your success from day one.

For whom is it

Akashic Blossom Coaching?

Akashic Blossom Coaching is for you if:


Only you can change your life. I will guide you, help you go deeper to see what is really causing your problems, blocks and fears, but it is up to you to do the work necessary to create lasting change in your life. Taking responsibility for yourself is a powerful first step on your journey.


It’s not the kind of programme you go into half-heartedly to see ‘how it will be’. You are ready to invest in yourself and you are 100% committed to the process. With your commitment and I commit 100% to supporting you on this journey.


You have some interest or knowledge that there is something bigger than all of us. Maybe you call it God, the Universe, Source, Spirit, Intuition or you don’t have a name for it, just a deep sense of it. You are open to the concept that you have and are more than just your mind, thoughts and body. And if that’s not quite where you are, you are at least open and interested in learning more.


Akashic Blossom is a programme steeped in love and compassion, learning and forgiveness, healing and self-mastery. Sometimes it’s hard and we have to face truths and parts of ourselves that we don’t really like. This is work! There is great freedom and liberation that comes from looking our ego straight in the eye.


To pave the way for us to live as we truly are, we need to accept the parts of ourselves that we have rejected; we need to accept the blocks in our lives and the versions of ourselves that have hurt us. There may be emotions to be felt, stories to be explored and wounds to be loved. All of this is done with care, love and compassion so that we can step into who we really are.


Life is standing and knocking on your door, telling you it’s time for a change! Perhaps you are in a stage of transition. Maybe you have been asked to look at your life in a new way to ask yourself some important questions. This perspective may make you feel powerless in the face of the challenges ahead, but you are determined to move forward – with grace, courage and clarity.
If you resonate with any of the above, then

Akashic Blossom Coaching is for you