Back to yourself [ENG/PL]

Last year was a very difficult year for me, and although as I write this I am in a very different place, I am just now realising that I don’t know if 2021 was more difficult than the last 2, 5 or 7 years. All these years have been marked by one thing: the search […]

Rume Reshke Circle [ENG/PL]

Hello Beautiful Souls  Together with Zeque Amrita, I have the great pleasure of inviting you to a Rapee (Rume Reshke) ceremony.Rume Reshke is an ancient fine powder made from plants from the Amazon, the primary ingredient of which is tobacco along with a mixture of tree bark, herbs and other plants. More than the accompanying […]

Traps of the uninitiated ego [ENG/PL]

That is the terrible ego. The dangerous ego. The much deprecated ego.Which is a pity, because in its simplest form the ego is simply the self. Although the ego is not simple at all, and its multidimensionality is delightful, has both trustworthy and despicable parts. It extends to a multitude of states, some of which […]

Hashtag Shaman [ENG/PL]

This text is a tribute to the Ancestors and Lineage of Healers and Healers who walked the Way Between Worlds, who knew suffering and were able to go beyond it to help the members of their communities. Let my voice today be their voice as I make this Shamanic Coming-Out, exposing the illusion behind the […]

The first steps with Metta meditation [ENG/PL]

Well, time for a new word and a new practice!!! 🙂 Metta, as it is referred to, is truly unique – it soothes emotions like aloe vera on sunburned skin. Those who practice this meditation regularly are able to increase their ability to forgive, bond with others and accept.  The word ‘Metta’ comes from the […]

Love yourself first… in a relationship [ENG/PL]

“Love yourself” is a phrase I have heard and uttered very often. A sentence which has as its aim to take care of oneself and to consciously build up one’s resources. It is a sentence that conveys the universal truth that from empty man and Solomon cannot be filled. “Love yourself first” is one of […]

Heavy metals [ENG/PL]

Recently I have been very focused on cleansing my body, after all it is the temple of the spirit. And while in the eso-world you will often hear that the body is unimportant, I personally don’t give a damn about it. Apart from the fact that, under the guise of spirituality, unhealthy patterns of taking […]

Change of reference point [ENG/PL]

Do you like changing reference points? I very much do – over the past years I have been doing this mainly through working with consciousness in a broad sense. I have been teaching myself and others about information from the body and emotions so that we can make choices that support our freedom and increase […]

Benefits of meditation – why meditate? [ENG/PL]

You have already asked me many times about the advantages of meditation – why it is worth to meditate, what advantages does meditation have, how does meditation influence your everyday life… Today I have written down a dozen or so basic advantages of meditation. I deeply hope that this will make it easier for you […]

Dangers of doing a teacher training course in India [ENG/PL]

nadużycia seksualne na jodze

I get a lot of inquiries from you about yoga courses in India; about where it is worth doing them, where not, what are my recommendations. I think that it is such an individual choice and process that it makes no sense to recommend the right school for everyone. We are very different and it […]