Traps of the uninitiated ego [ENG/PL]

That is the terrible ego. The dangerous ego. The much deprecated ego.Which is a pity, because in its simplest form the ego is simply the self. Although the ego is not simple at all, and its multidimensionality is delightful, has both trustworthy and despicable parts. It extends to a multitude of states, some of which […]

Hashtag Shaman [ENG/PL]

This text is a tribute to the Ancestors and Lineage of Healers and Healers who walked the Way Between Worlds, who knew suffering and were able to go beyond it to help the members of their communities. Let my voice today be their voice as I make this Shamanic Coming-Out, exposing the illusion behind the […]

Camino de Santiago or the Way of the Stars [ENG/PL]

If you haven’t yet heard about the oldest pilgrimage route in Europe, it’s high time to change that! The Camino de Santiago, as it is referred to, is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but has also been a source of inspiration for many artists (and others) who have walked the path of St […]

Patterns of love: The third one [ENG/PL]

I think to myself how cool it is that we live in a time when we can see the dynamic between men and women change – it’s beautiful. Nevertheless, I recently encountered an Alvaro and Alvara style story (Alvara as the female equivalent of the male Alvaro). She – single in the big city, 15 […]

Question mark [ENG/PL]

The last rug was pulled out from under my feet so that I could let go of the thoughts of the role that was playing in my mind. The only way to meet the pain of limitlessness and emptiness is to surrender completely. In the space of the unknown, with no direction but all possibilities, […]

A world set in the heart [ENG/PL]

It is only when we are mature enough to consciously encounter the broader lack of value in life that we begin to understand that value cannot be based on the outside world. Neither on specific people, nor on work, nor on money, nor on technology, nor on spirituality, nor on alcohol, nor even on any […]

Aura and energy assertiveness [ENG/PL]

Assertiveness, from a psychological perspective, is not only the ability to refuse. It is also, or perhaps first of all, a competence related to communicating one’s needs and values in a conscious way, directed towards a peaceful solution of a given situation. It is very much linked to the ability to master one’s emotions.In order […]