Can parasites kill? [ENG/PL]

Five years ago, when I first went to India, my friend said to me: “did you know that everyone comes back from there with bugs?” I ignored her words because I go by the assumption that when it comes to infections, viruses and illnesses, your mindset matters a lot, and yet I wasn’t setting myself […]

Camino de Santiago or the Way of the Stars [ENG/PL]

If you haven’t yet heard about the oldest pilgrimage route in Europe, it’s high time to change that! The Camino de Santiago, as it is referred to, is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but has also been a source of inspiration for many artists (and others) who have walked the path of St […]

Dangers of doing a teacher training course in India [ENG/PL]

nadużycia seksualne na jodze

I get a lot of inquiries from you about yoga courses in India; about where it is worth doing them, where not, what are my recommendations. I think that it is such an individual choice and process that it makes no sense to recommend the right school for everyone. We are very different and it […]