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combined with work in the biomorphic field


My thematic workshops use a wide range of tools: yoga as a set of asanas, meditation and group work in the biomorphic field.


The theme of the workshop always determines the areas we will deal with and as a result - where we want to bring harmony. We touch different planes of life freeing them from blockages.


Working in a group circle allows us to work on those energetic aspects that we cannot or do not manage in our individual practice or during consultations.

Energy Field

As part of the workshop, each class participant has the chance to take the opportunity to set up their energy field in collaboration with other students.


Yoga trips combined with meditation in nature.

A trip with me is not only a practice done at sunrise, noon and before sunset, but also a holistic meditation and time directed to focus the scattered energy inwards.

Duration of the yoga trip: 3-5 days