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The Invisible Offer


Trust your intuition and let yourself be insanely surprised…

At this stage of THE INVISIBLE OFFER, you’ll know that it includes:

4 Live Group Calls with HOT SEATS
1 Live Group Ceremony with Paulina
Contemplative practices (introspection to do in between the calls)
Guided meditation Practices
Spiritual (Akashic) Activations
Karma&Energy Cleansing
Matrix recalibration

All the tools used during the process are designed for you to activate and reach NEXT LEVEL in your life in the area that will be revealed to you at the final stage of revealing what The Invisible Offer is. 
You won’t know ANY more details of the offer at this price. The price will be going up as the Invisible Offer will become fully visible. This is the ultimate empowering practice for you to trust that life will bring you what you need to unlock your power and be free. I completely trust that you will follow your inner authority.